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We recognize that we do not exist without our clients, so we continually strive to raise each client's perceptions of our work ethic and our commitment to client success.

The key principles that guide us include:

Reassurance: We believe firmly in the anonymous credo, "Clients don't care what you know unless they know you care." Although it may sound trite, this credo is the foundation that has helped us to establish long-term relationships with some of the best-known companies in the world.

Ownership: If reassurance is the foundation of our agency, a sense of ownership is the bricks and mortar. Our people are taught to work for themselves; they operate with a great degree of autonomy in an environment that makes each employee individually responsible for ensuring client satisfaction.

Integrity: We have zero tolerance for anything but complete honesty in every aspect of our business. We don't lie, steal or cheat. If we make a mistake, we will admit it right away and work quickly to correct it. And we will always do what you ask with two caveats: If we disagree on strategic grounds, we will tell you why and offer alternatives; if we disagree on ethical grounds, we will respectfully decline the assignment.

Resourcefulness: Our job is always to make your job easier, no matter what types of challenges you might face. We regularly help our clients to address a broad range of strategic, tactical and regulatory concerns, drawing on decades of experience and engaging the support of carefully selected third-party resources when needed.

Passion: We take tremendous pride in our craft, and we go out of our way to stay well versed on contemporary issues and trends in direct marketing. We are also passionate about our clients' businesses, and we work closely with our clients to develop best-in-class programs that build barriers to competition.

Servant Leadership: We believe that leaders are made not born, so we help our employees to develop leadership skills through these tenets of "servant leadership": If you dedicate yourself to serving others irrespective of their age, title, or experience they will soon trust you. Once you've earned their trust, they will soon believe in you. Once they believe in you, they will then follow you. Once they follow you, you become a leader!