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We view direct marketing as highly specialized discipline requiring a careful blend of science and art... behavior and image... instruction and seduction... and emotion and promotion.

Key insights that drive our approach include:

Consumer Choice: Today's consumers have an unprecedented amount of choice in virtually every product category. When people have many options, they tend to view products as commodities. Achieving differentiation in this environment requires a special view of marketing that transcends function, discipline or department. Marketing is no longer about selling products; it's about creating connections that build trust. Trust is central and essential to the decision process, especially for complex products or services. If your customers trust you they will come back to you, and they will refer others to you.

Pathways To Trust: The ways to create trust have changed over the years. In a commoditized environment, the old four Ps of marketing (product, promotion, position and price) are not enough because they can all be copied by competitors. Today more than ever, success depends on the skillful integration of brand and database into your direct marketing programs. The reason? No competitor can copy how people feel about you (your reputation) nor can anyone steal the information you have about customers and how you use it. In a sense, brand and database are the two new sustainable competitive advantages replacing the old four Ps.