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11 Distinguishing Characteristics
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14 Standards for Success


1. Intellectual leadership: This is our “soul.” Publicly, we refer to it as our attitude and our approach.

2. Integrity: Be open, honest and direct. Never put yourself into a position where your integrity or that of the company could be questioned or compromised.

3. Passion: Love direct marketing. Be enthusiastic about the client’s business. Keep learning.

4. Stability: Be there for clients and for each other consistently.

5. Reassurance: Have a positive attitude. Help your clients sleep well.

6. Responsibility: Accept personal ownership. Forfeit a battle to win a war.

7. Responsiveness: Respond quickly and appropriately. Adapt. Anticipate the next step.

8. Initiative: Find something broken and fix it. Demonstrate exceptional care and concern for clients. Be proactive. Make checklists.

9. Respect: Never talk negatively about clients, vendors or competitors in the company of outsiders. Treat each other with dignity.

10. Balance: Promote a flexible work style. Balance personal and professional life. Have fun on the job. Celebrate and reward success.

11. Curiosity: Seek new ways of doing things. Don’t be afraid of failing.